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New year yes 2013 praying for better health and better life...out with the old and in with the new right...
I just found out that my son is having a son, oh so so so happy, he and wife are beside their self. yes wonderful news for them both.
I have so much to live for, and got to get better to be here for all the miracles. does this mean i fear not being here, yes...last visit to the doctor so much bad...not afraid of going on to my home on the other side, just got so much on this side.
maybe will hear from disability soon, praying for a favorable answer. most every organ in my body effected from diabetes, 15 pills a day plus shots, pain that is beyond belief , was diagnosed 16 years ago with chronic pain, but learned to live around it..but now it is painful every movement, sleep in a ball as not to move and wake from the pain.
I try to make every one smile and know how much i love em, and how God loves them. i want my life to speak for its self as a testimony of the light of God. love is what i value most, what else can we take with us????
last night i prayed to dance today and , I danced for a brief minute this morning... God loves me and hears my pleas, how wonderful is that?????
I hope and pray that soon very soon, this journey to disability will be over, and my house won't be so cold because money will come and we can afford the extra's like gas. lol but happy anyway.
So go on girlie and have a wonderful day, with the news of a new grandson what could top that???
Happy new year!!!

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