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Yes the days have come and gone, relief from this pain i have not known. But i have learned to live with it more.
I had a procedure done in the hospital a few weeks ago, and as i have learned to do, got my records, and the surgeon sated in my records they gave me a lot more knock out medicine that the normal patient because my body was in such distress from pain could not do a complete study. So even being put under, i am still in such pain.
This makes me sad, but at the same time maybe the social security people can see I struggle daily...
this morning i woke up in such a good mood, content through all the gloom, God's sweet love for me and his grace covering me in my time of need.
So my hubby also in bad shape, but thank God no bone disease...they put him on pure morphine, high high dosage, so we are here for each other the best way we can. I make him laugh with my silly little stunts of craziness, and he makes me laugh with his be still dances, one morning i wanted to do the twist, of course i can't but tried got stuck, and to do it with my walker, but it was fun...
life is what we make it, and every day is a gift, yes i have much wrong in my body, and not getting better, doctor called my blood came back, now i must go back in to find out what else is wrong...:( but i refuse to cry for myself, regardless of the doom and gloom results. it is what it is, and i am what i am..and that is a child of the one true God.
I can't explain the peace in my heart because it is from my God...
And he will strength my spirit and one day i shall leave this realm and go to the next. this body is only a shell and when i pass through it will be my soul, my spirit, part of the light, and be in that beautiful new home with God, apart of it all, a place prepared for me... 

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